Living Dream

The spiritual life during sleep is as real as the life when we don't dream. A limitless eternity that has its own moments and emotions, often serves as a sign predicting future events in real life. In our dreams we are strong and emotional; we cry, we laugh, we love, feel frightened. We discover new things and unseen places, meet strangers and people we know. This mysterious and powerful world is a reflection of our inner soul and sometimes we wish they are not ‘just a dream’.

The untold stories are a staged and pre-visualised representation of moments of personal life that provoke curiosity. Preserving the depiction of truth and reality, the projects also argue who we are and why we are here. The fine art experimentations define realism in a fictional context, forging curiosity towards human existence in today's world where the invisible is as real as the world we live in.

The series offer the opportunity to become a witness of the emotional experience of a dreamer, an ordinary girl who has a dream like everyone else that comes true in her sleep. The main idea comes from the combination of the dual meaning of the word dream, elaborated with the conceptual series. 

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