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With the roots in documentary and fine art photography, drawing on the people and inspired by fashion in the 18th century, Ivanka Zagorska's work embraces female beauty by challenging the conventional fashion forms. Intrigued by light, shapes, colour, texture and motion, the three portraiture sections comprise of personality, femininity, attitude and style of every subject that reflect on their lifestyle as well as the broader human existence and mystery in life.

Within the series, historical influence on contemporary style is evident through a few fashion elements. The hat, in particular, has been a primary symbol of elegance, status and prestige throughout the centuries had affirmed its role as an integral part of the fashion narrating the wearer's personality.

The series is a culmination of techniques and creative ways of seeing as a study of body movements stretched beyond the traditional rules we all know. The female diversity redefines art and beauty, evoking an emotional connection and timeless feeling that engages viewer's curiosity.

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'A reminiscence of Fashion' Video Portraits

A reminiscence of Fashion


Fashion in Motion

'A reminiscence of Fashion' Video Portraits

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