Ivanka Zagorska Photography is an independent documentary and fine art photographer based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Specialising in portraiture, social and environmental issues, her vision is to capture significant meaning within a subject that exists in a particular moment of time.

Her mission is creating compelling storytelling narrative to convey attention to real-life subjects, hidden beneath mundane setting. Finding the beauty in her unique way, making it remarkable that captivate the audience through emotionally stimulating experiences. Decisively look at every photograph and empower yourself to ponder your own human venture.

Every subject has a meaningful story, a reflection of existence. Share your story with Ivanka Zagorska Photography and become part of the universe.

Artist Statement

My photography is a reflection of myself. Based on personal experience and interests as inspiration, I find beauty in mundane subjects and ordinary everyday life events. Fascinated by mother nature, cultural ethics and traditions around the world, my work consists of a series that explores questions related to human beings and elaborates stories hidden to others. For me, photography is a way of communication. Every subject has its own value that deserves attention and appreciation, which I aim to find the best truthful way to message to my audience.

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