Traces of Happiness

Till today in many countries human rights issues exist, especially for women and children. India is not an exemption. This documentary presents an example of women and children living in Mumbai. Their everyday life means finding ways to survive.

Between the lanes

Travelling on the highway takes hours, highly possible to being stopped by passing kids, leaning on your car window. But the chance to see a smile seized by the shadow of the steering wheel that captures you with the childish innocence is being at the right place at the right time. The moment has gone, but you still see that smile looking at you.


The time on a highway sometimes just stops allowing young women with children to approach you, hoping you will buy a book or an Eiffel tower as a decoration at home. They cost nothing, but save their lives for the day. There is a just one moment that freezes the connection with a woman, yet still a child, carrying an infant which you could barely notice from the books covering him. At that moment, she is not concerned by the fly on her nose, but just you... waiting.

An eye for a beauty

One could not be able to understand beauty the way this aged woman does. Seated on the hard floor tiles in the market, she makes marigold flower garlands. It could take a moment to realise that she has just one eye. It is heartbreaking that she finds a courage to smile and she appreciates the beauty more than anyone else.


It is very likely that you will see women in India carry something heavy on their heads - from a bundle of clothes to bricks. It is normal, it is acceptable and what is worst, it is expected. It becomes part of their daily life, a duty. 


There are moments when you want to hide or feel frightened even if surrounded by many people. Perhaps, evolving event in the fruit market makes this woman suspicious. Being vigilant, observing what is happening around you or behind is a common reaction, especially for women.

It is the smile you buy

The market is a place to buy fruits, vegetables or any other goods needed as a means of living. I saw a woman in red surrounded by a group of people selling fruits. It was not the red attire, but her shy smile that caught my attention. Not part of the list to purchase, and probably not the reason to buy from this particular stall, but it is definitely a smile that makes you want to live.

The weight of the smile

The life burdens owned to a smile. When happiness from the heart allows you to forget the problems you carry, it is all that matters.


Children are our hope, they live in a world where violence and revenge do not exist. Life in cities like Mumbai can be a struggle, but not through the eyes of these young girls and a boy. Their cheerful attitude shows no fear, a lesson for all adults to live a joyful life. 


The children of the neighbourhood waiting for a candy. Not every day could be a candy day. Yet, their innocence attracts with the girl's smile and boy's gloomy face - a reflection of the moments the life brings.

Happiness on the move

The world survives with laughter and the smile of the young boy is a proof. Through the open bus window, his joyful and energetic gaze captures your attention. A moment of true happiness that changes your life.

Cross-paths of innocence

An infant left alone in the afternoon shade, having a sweet dream about the innocent future. Living in the slums, the child's destiny is about to be predicted, unfolding unexpected experiences. Enjoy the dream little one.

Pace of life

A reminder of our existence in the busy life where we forget to take a break and to appreciate the beauty. Honouring the sense of feminism in between blurry surroundings, somewhat freezing the moment, while we are still on the constant move. Time travels.

Playful curiosity

There is no limit to the children's fun. The play and curiosity are bound to the constant game to observe surroundings for the small girl and a boy behind her, even if picking out of the bus window is all that it takes. 

Beneath happiness

There are many festivals in India that sometimes last for a week. In those happy occasions the traffic becomes unbearable, even a walk is a struggle. The hustle during one of those celebrations provided me enough time to look at a group of people loaded on the back side of an open truck. Amongst many dancing, covered in colourful powders, a face of a woman with two small children caught my attention, evoking curiosity. Deeply soaked by her inner emotions of sadness, her heart seemed far away from celebrating. Sometimes it is hard to identify the existence of happiness.

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